Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Living Room Rearranging

We are very proud to announce our very first guest blogger......our mom! (applause)

I Decided to try my hand at this whole beautifying your space thing that my daughters' seem to be doing lately. This is a picture of our family room at Christmas this year. Sorry but no good before, during, and after pictures! I started out the day wanting to clean my floors. Well, as long as your are cleaning floors might as well rearrange things! So I started by moving some of the furniture out of the way in the family room, sweeping, moping, and then waxing the floor. We have solid pine flooring that we love. I thought the Merry-Go-Round pony looked really lonely on that big wall. Although I love the horse. He is from a original amusement park in the Iowa Great Lakes.   As you can see, the love seat was floating, I moved it over to the wall by the double back doors. We don't really use the doors in the winter, but we could if we wanted to. We have never used this configuration, however, the girls have inspired me to be brave.

please note jett in one of his most favorite spots
I then found an antique quilt that has been in my bedroom and I hung that on the wall where the pony used to be. We also moved the kids' senior pictures to the wall with the quilt. We put the antique treadle sewing machine on that same wall with the two chairs. I also put the "lighter" chairs which are both also antiques under the antique pony. Overall, it made a big difference in the room without costing a single penny.  There isn't much that can be done with a kitchen / dining area. I did put a chair on the end of the counter for putting on boots, so on. We switched the kitchen table and the pie safe too for a little different look. The floor is clean too!

Then, on to the living room -- rearranging, cleaning, dusting. I moved some antique quilts, tablecloths, shawls, so on to soften up my wood and more wood!

As you can see, I have a lot of old furniture and fabric items. It's a casual environment, but we enjoy it. I didn't really set up the pictures very well. But my afternoon of cleaning and rearranging did make quite a difference in how our home looks.

Well we might be a little biased since it's our mom....but still.
1. It wasn't planned, it was a floor cleaning that ended up in a major rearranging session. It's more fun that way!
2. We love the quilt having on the wall! And if you knew our mother, you would know that is super brave for her. It's so nice to display family items like that rather than having them stuffed away in a closet.
3. We love the little desk nook that was added in the corner. It's adorable! (see two pictures up)
4. She's invited to my apartment for some impromptu rearranging anyday! (hint, hint mommy!)

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