Tuesday, January 15, 2013

what we're pinning lately

Pinterest. It's such a wonderful resource for so many things. It's so wonderful in fact, that we might be addicted. And its been awhile since we have shared what wonderful things we are adding to our immense amount of pinboards. So here's what we've been pinning lately...
{where I can I will share the original link-even if it was a repin- and where it can be found on my pinboards}

I'll go first. (follow me on pinterest here) (follow Niki on pinterst here)

Fashion.{pinboard} It never fails to find fashion photos to fit any style on pinterest. A huge portion of my pins are fashion related. I so wish that all of the wonderful things that I pin could somehow make their way to my real closet, and for my closet to look like some of the beautiful closets that I see on here. *sighs*
Here's a few of the outfits I'm loving lately...

I love that this outfit is so simple, yet looks so cute and put together. In theory I could pull this off...I own jeans and a white cardi...I just need a cute grey and white striped shirt and awesome statement necklace. I better get to work!

Casual - #56

Casual - #56 by in-my-closet featuring love moschino
I know, another simple outfit. But I liked that this sweater was on a diagonal-just a little bit different.

I Iove a classy navy and grey combo!

I think I need to start getting in to more patterned scarves...most of mine are pretty plain. New goal= be brave, buy bold scarves!

health and fitness. {pinboard}

This blog says it will tell me what workout to do to get legs like Carrie Underwood. Sign Me Up!!

Craft ideas. {pinboard}


I need towels like this! Mine never stay on my stove handle. I swear they are back on the floor every two minutes. I think my mommy or grandma could be convinced to sew a few buttons on towels for me.

Office Spaces. {pinboard} I have been searching for a lot of inspiration for desk/office spaces lately. I just cleaned mine up as part of the New year's resolution challenge hosted by clean mama and a bunch of other bloggers. But I still really do not love the space. I have this weirdo glass corner desk that is in the corner of our living room. There really isn't another good place for it in a two bedroom apartment with three people. Wish I had a nice office space that I could completely customize to fit my needs, but that can't really happen in an apartment. So for now I am doing my best to try to find ideas that I could make work.

Vertical shelving- a great use of space in an apartment. But I'm not sure how much they would love me hanging shelves on the wall??

Too bad I don't have a tiny unused closet. That would be the perfect little space for me!

This is a dreamy desk. But obviously not practical for my current living situation.

I am in love with this space. With a different desk, I could try to come closet to this wonderful, wonderful space. Except I couldn't have those awesome curtains. *swoon*

And now Niki's turn.....

So... after getting a clean bill of health, I have started "training" for a 5k. I am using the couch to 5k app on my phone. However that is only 3 days a week. So on the other days I am doing other circuit training. 
This looks like a blast!
{ source }
Its the middle of January - and you know what that means - Time to start planning for Valentine's treats! I struggle with sending MORE candy to school, and both of my kids schools are peanut free, so finding the perfect treat is even trickier! Of course I took to Pintrest for ideas. Is this too nerdy? I kind of like it!
I'm trying to be more aware of my appearance (maybe because of the working out?) Eye make-up is always tricky for me, so I am hoping this helps? It looks like she has some other good tutorials on her blog too!

I have been *trying* to get more organized and on top of my life. I think a command center like this would really help with the day to day things as well as planning ahead. Now all I need is all the stuff, a place to put it up and the time to do it! 

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