Friday, January 11, 2013

Goodwill Crafts

Awhile back, Niki and I made a trip to Goodwill. Woo-hoo right? I was on a mission to find things to make "pinterest crafts".  I came away with a few different things and ended up with a couple different projects around the apartment. Some projects took more time and effort than others. I'll take you through a play-by-play of what I brought home and what I did with each item.

I brought home a mason jar, tea light candle holder, old picture/frame, lovely christmas tray, and a yellow basket. I think I spent a solid like $3.00. A good trip in my book.

The mason jar and tea light holder got combined and found a home in my bathroom. They now hold q-tips and small round cotton pads.

The yellow basket found a home on the kitchen counter corralling the few seasonings that we use on a regular basis. I'm not too in love when them being on the counter, so this basket might eventually find a new home too...I'll see how it works out.

The picture frame got transformed into a memo board and the tray got a facelift, but they started their new lives together with a new coat of paint.

I scored those cute little fabric squares at Walmart, along with the craft paint. I spent about $3 on supplies. 
Check out all the options I had when I wandered into the sewing department:

I started by taking the frame apart and found this newspaper as the backing-- 

Check  out the date on this baby!!

I removed the glass and backing from the frame and got ready to paint.

I gave the frame and tray a fresh coat of teal paint. I only painted the edges of the tray since it will be getting a pretty fabric along the bottom. No sense in painting what I'm going to cover up.

I was a little worried about the painting scraping off pretty easily so I took them outside and gave them each a coat of clear acrylic sealer. Hopefully that will keep them looking nice for a little longer.

I reused the backing that was behind the original church photo and wrapped it in the fabric. There was a little excess, but fit pretty good.

I made sure that it was pulled nice and tight and popped it back into the frame and sealed up the back.

 And then it found a home on the wall right after you walk in the door.

I just love this fabric!

Not to be left out, the tray got some pretty fabric of its own.

 I just cut it to fit the bottom of the tray and stuck it down with some spray adhesive.  Super Simple.

The color scheme in our apartment is well, nonexistent so I didn't really have to worry about making it match anything. I haven't decided where this little friend is going to live yet. I still have a few lingering holiday decorations that need to be put away before this guy can come out.

 I am overall very happy with the outcome of my first Goodwill Craft projects. I can't wait until the next time!
Have you made any pinterest or Goodwill inspired crafts? Leave us a link to your blog post or pinboard and we would love to check it out!

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