Thursday, January 31, 2013

Taking Advantage of Cancelled Plans

If you have been following our happy little blog (okay Bob Ross- throw in some happy little trees too) for a while now you know that the bf and I work basically opposite shifts. I'm a "teacher" and work 7:45 to 3:00 and he works 4:00 (in the afternoon) until 2:30am. This girl is clearly not staying up until 2:30am. Which means we have a phone relationship for the most part, except for Tuesdays and every other Saturday. Super cool right?  Tuesday is the day we have darts. Except this time, someone called in at Drew's work, so he ended up having to work a 14 hour shift! (mega eww!) However his super long work day meant I had a free night. I took completed advantage and cleaned the apartment, ADHD style. That's sort of how we roll around here, spastic.

I have been trying to follow my cleaning schedule, but I was home over the weekend for the wedding and things got a little out of control when I brought all my stuff home and went to bed super early Sunday night. Which left a bit of a mess to deal with. But not to fear, a night of ADHD style cleaning gets it right back into shape.

I started my cleaning spree by starting the things that could run on their own. Laundry and Dishes. I started laundry first, then popped into the kitchen. I put away the clean dishes and filled the dishwasher with the sink full of dirty ones. Yep, a full new load. Then before I left the kitchen I sprayed the counters with my favorite Method Anti-bac and headed for the bedroom.

 And then I got mad that I forgot my coffee cup from that morning….messing up my clean kitchen. Plus that milk jug goes with the trash, but if it moves to the floor it will never make it out the door.

 I put away the basket of laundry that I had gotten out of the dryer. That took just a few minutes, so I picked out outfits for the rest of the week for school. I really need to get in the habit of doing this every week.

Then back to the kitchen to wipe down counters and then sweep. I always sweep after wiping down the counters. That way its not big deal when the crumbs make their way down to the floor. Good thinkin right? I didn't mop the floors since that is on my cleaning schedule and they weren't looking too bad.

Next I popped into the bathroom for a quick laundry pick up and counter wipe down. I could have spent more time in the bathroom, but that's also on my cleaning schedule so I let it go with just a quick clean.

I took a quick dinner break for some pizza rolls and chocolate milk. Supper of champions?? By this time my laundry was ready to pop into the dyer. And I started another load. And then I went a bit crazy OCD and decided that the washer was dirty and needed to be cleaned also. It's basically still brand new but was getting like a build up of detergent and fabric softener. We just can't be having a dirty washer, it seems counteractive. I realize that I'm a crazy person and I've accepted it. But I know there are other people out there who clean their washer. Don't pretend like you don't.


I finished up with a little tidying in the living room and "entry" (which is mostly a hallway). Keeping our shoes out is probably visual clutter, but I like to be able to just pop my boots on and run out the door. So they stay where they are. I do try to keep Drew's tennis shoe collection to a minimum tho. They are big shoes and he has sooo many! Is that normal for a guy?

So much nicer to walk in the door and see this instead.

I think the spastic approach to cleaning works for me. I get things done in a pretty short amount of time and make progress in so many areas of the apartment (that's the ADHD part). I tried to get the things done that I knew would bother me. The things people would see if they just popped in, or the insane things like under the washer lid.

Does the random room cleaning approach work for you? Are you a one room at a time kind of gal? A strict schedule follower??

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  1. entirely random - the big things that catch my eye and make my house look messy and cluttered! EWWWWWWWWW yucky!