Friday, February 1, 2013

February Clothing Challenge

  Here we are together again with our Friday Five and a February Clothing Challenge!! And we're linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk. We love that she and her sister are both bloggers :) (there are links to both blogs in our blog love section- from my grey desk and the small things)


To start with, here's our five:
1. Niki kicked some butt in the gym this week--with a 30 second plank. If you know us, then you know that's a huge deal!

2. Faith is selling Girl Scout Cookies! Yay right? Except we are dieting and clearly cannot be eating cookies!! Even if they are delightful!

3. Niki got to Skype with her MIL's sister from Japan today, for Japan Day at school of course.

4. I, Shannon, get to make another home management binder for a customer! I'm so excited! I love being able to bring home organization to such nice people!

5. Today is the first day of our No Repeat February Clothing Challege!! Woo-hoo!

And now the challenge...

As you may have noticed Shannon has a TON of clothes. I (Niki) probably have more. My closet used to be our front porch. To say I have a lot of clothes is a gross under representation. This morning while getting dressed, in the same outfit I wore a week ago, I thought to myself "Self" you know you call yourself self, "Self, do you think you could wear that top with a different pair of pants, or those pants with a different shirt?" Clearly myself answered no, because I wore it to school.
But not before issuing myself and Shannon a challenge. No Repeat February.
We cannot repeat an outfit in February. It is ok to repeat pants, and maybe even a shirt, but not an outfit. The point is to rework clothing we already have, utilize our pin boards for inspiration and step outside our comfort zones by branching out in our clothing choices.

She then proceeded to text me (Shannon) about said challenge, PRIOR TO 6AM. She's nuts right?? However, half asleep or not, I accepted her challenge. It sounded like a great excuse to pinterest creep on myself. Who takes the time to check out their own pins? I bet many of you don't. 
And I decided that No Repeat February needed its own pin board. We are picking out outfits and clothing items that we might actually be able to pull off, or if we have an item in the set or an item close to something in the set.
So here's our pin board- {No Repeat February}

We are going to post a weekly wrap up each Friday in February to keep us accountable for the No Repeat Challenge. Anyone else feel like joining us?? Link up with us next Friday!! (assuming we can get our link tool running, we're still a little blog challenged some days)

Wish us luck, and we hope you will join us in our challenge!!

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