Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Scarf Storage

I have a thing for scarves. If you checked out my wardrobe from last week, you can tell how bad it is! I hit up the scarf rack every time I go to WalMart. I can swing $3.42 for a scarf! My scarves were hanging on a hanger in our coat closet because there clearly is not room in our bedroom closet. Actually there's not really room in the coat closet either, but that's another matter. Anyway my scarf hanger met it's demise the other day and ended up like this.

Whomp, whomp. Scarves in a pile on the floor is not very conducive to checking out the inventory to select one to wear for the day. 

I had pinned a few different scarf storage solutions and thought some of them were fab, but like most of my projects there was a budget of $0. Maybe $5 if I could justify a purchase. 

This is my favorite storage option so far. But alas I do not have a nice place to hang tension rods. So maybe in my next apartment/house. Or maybe if we rearrange?? or find an awesome sale??

I happened to have a shower rings, so inspiration option number 1 is the winner.

I brought my babies into the living room and sorted them into two piles. 
Scarves for daily wear and actual winter scarves

I popped my cheapo shower rings onto the hanger and folded my scarves in half and hung them through the rings. I put all the winter scarves to one side, since there's only a few and my daily scarves took up most of the hanger. I can see them all at once, which will be so nice when I go to pick out my outfit.

And then I put shoved them back into the coat closet.

I can't wait for warmer weather so I can pack up all these coats and actually have a normal looking, functional closet again. 

I would to hang my scarves on a tension or curtain rod someday....sighs. maybe next time we move?

How do you store your scarves? Are you a scarf loving weirdo like me??

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