Monday, February 18, 2013

15 Minutes of Organizing {school bag}

I have a thirty-one bag that I use as my "school bag".  I don't even know why I really carry it back and forth other than to hold my planners and a few papers, but I do. It was all nice and neat for quite a while but lately it has been looking like this:

Definitely not pretty or functional. Do you think I could find anything in there? Not a chance!

  So I sat down on the living room floor, like any good organizer. And took everything out of the bag.

  And then I tipped it over and shook it, forgetting that there were things in the pockets. Oops.
Ps. you like my leggings and bootie slipper look? cute, right?

Then I started sorting things into like piles.

 After everything was sorted out, there wasn't much going back in my bag.  Which is a good thing. No sense in hauling around a bunch of extra junk, right?

The surviving items were my thirty-one pencil bag, blog planner, life planner, a small notebook, and a few papers that are popped into my thirty-one pouch. Nothing is floating loose in the bag, which makes me super happy. Hoping I can keep it looking like a teacher's bag and not some sloppy high schooler :)

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