Friday, February 8, 2013

No Repeat February {week one}

So here we are at the end of week one, and we are proud to announce that we made it. Okay, so the first week might not be the most challenging but we're still chalking it up as a win.

Here are our wardrobes for the week:
(Please forgive the awkward bathroom photos for the days we forgot to take them at home & actually one awkward bathroom photo at home)

Last Friday- Friday is jeans day at school. Woo-hoo! I love jeans day. We can wear any school shirt, or you are supposed to wear school colors. But that rule isn't actually enforced, so just looking cute is okay too :) I opted for a school shirt this time. If I don't work at my part time job, I usually just wear a school shirt and pretend like I have school spirit.

Jeans: American Eagle
Shoes: Mega old retired running shoes, Nike Plus
Tank: Buckle (that's all they will ever be. I LOVE them)
Shirt: ordred through school

I failed at taking my last Friday picture. :( I wore a pink "Coaches vs. Cancer" shirt that the school gave me, a black tank top with lace at the bottom I got at Wal-Mart, my favorite new jeans from the Buckle and my black and white Nikes. Sorry. :(


Pants: Charlotte Russe, a few years ago
Sweater: Old Navy, two years ago, maybe?
Long Sleeve T: Old Navy (its actually blue and brown stripes, you just can't really tell.
Tank: Buckle
Shoes: Maurices, last year
Necklace: too old to know.

Pants: Sam's Club, before school started
Cardigan: Wal-Mart, before school started
Green shirt: Old Navy
Tank: Wal-Mart
Shoes: Black flats from Fashion Bug (even though you can't see them)


Pants: GAP, super old
Long Sleeve T: Old Navy- I have these in seriously every color
Sweater: Target, about a month ago
Scarf (that I didn't end up wearing) Walmart!!
Shoes: Buckle, mine are a few years told, but they actually still sell them 

Skirt: Old Navy, really old
Tank: Wal-Mart
Shirt: Kohls, clearance rack, boo-ya
Necklace: Lia Sophia


sorry I wasn't completely dressed when I took this one
Pants: Maurices, Christmas gift
Tank: buckle
Long Sleeve T: Old Navy
Sweater: Old Navy
Scarf: Walmart
Shoes: Buckle

Pants: Old Navy, a long time ago
Cardigan: Walmart, about a week ago
Shirt: Walmart, about a week ago
Tank: Buckle
Shoes: Fashion Bug


Skinnies: No idea, had them for a year or two and they were cheap. Walmart maybe?
Boots: Simply Vera at Kohls, 3 years ago. I love them still! got them on a half price sale, but they are well worth full price, they still look great!
Tanks: Buckle
Long sleeve shirt: Target, this winter
Sweater: Target, last year

Jeans: Sam's Club, before school started
White T: Walmart, I think
Blue Fleece: Amerian Eagle, hand-me-down from Shannon
Tank: Buckle
Moccasins: American Eagle for Christmas :)
On Thursdays the kids in my class get to go swimming. We have to get them into their suits, into the pool, out of the pool and out of their suits, times 9. So on Thursdays we get to wear sweats. I decided to class it up for you guys and wear jeans today. Don't expect that every week. :)


Jeans: American Eagle. I seriously have 3 pairs of identical jeans. cheap and comfy. I think they still sell them.
Tanks: Buckle
Tshirt: From school
Shoes: Reebox Zigs, for my birthday last year

 And let's not kid ourselves here people, we know I'm not going to be running around in a t-shirt in February, so insert hoody from softball last summer here.

Jeans: Buckle
Tank: Buckle
Tshirt: from school
Fleece: American Eagle, hand me down from Shannon
Shoes: Nike (online) love them!!

And since is it Friday, here's our Friday Five!! So we are linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk again to share our High Five for Friday.

1. Kicked butt in the gym yesterday. Busted out 4 miles, I have to give credit to kids being mega frustrating this week. But good for me in the end.

2. We have a legit follower and we are soooo excited!! We appreciate each and every one of our readers and we are so loving being bloggers! It's be so much fun for us and has inspired a lot of great projects in our homes.

3. My apartment has gotten some serious attention this week with no part time jobs after school this week. Whoop whoop! It really needed the cleaning and getting things back in order. 

4. Niki did a little butt kicking of her own with a new plank record!! We are trying our best to stick to this getting fit and healthy business! It's great to be able to do it together and encourage and motivate each other. Virtually that is, we don't get to actually work out together.

5. Niki passed her driving test after having an invalid license and is now a legally licensed driver again. Although its probably best if we just get a permanent chauffeur.Not sure who is volunteering to pay the salary though.

If you participated with us, link up your blog post, pinboard, or whatever you've got. We'd love to see!
Our first link up! Whoop Whoop!! We're super excited and hope you will link up with us, whether it's a day or a week- we don't mind!

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