Friday, February 15, 2013

No Repeat February {week two}

Here I am again! I can't believe Shannon left me in charge of the blog! Hence the fact that it is 1:30 and I am just sitting down to write the blog! ACK! So, here goes our weekly outfits!
Edit: So, clearly this is what Shannon does the blogging. The pictures are completely unedited, nothing has been pinned, there is no logo, I missed a picture this week and all this has taken me over an hour. Hopefully when she comes back, she will spruce it up. My apologies in the mean time.
Update: I'm back from my long weekend vaca, that wasn't really much of a vacation. Glad the blog survived my absence and I will make a few additions but I think it was pretty good to start with :)

khaki's: Maurices (hand me down's from mom I think)
long sleeve t: Old Navy
Sweater: Daytrip from Buckle
shoes: Buckle, old but they still sell them

Pants: Old Navy
Shirt: Wal-Mart
Cardigan: Wal-Mart
Scarf: Wal-Mart
Shoes: Target (PS what socks do you wear with red shoes?)

pants: Maurices, before school this year. I love that they have a tiny sparkle pinstripe :)
tank: Buckle
burnout: Buckle
Sweater: Target, last year- but this school year
Scarf: Walmart clearance!
Shoes: Buckle, super old

My picture from today was deleted. What a helpful baby. I wore Gap khaki's, my white cami, a heather blue long sleeve V-neck from Target, a coral scarf from Wal-Mart and my black flats from Fashion bug. If I can find all the pieces, I will throw it on and snap a picture.

(today was my hot mess day- I didn't get my clothes picked Tuesday night so it was a disaster morning)
Khaki's: oh hey, slacker, you wore these pants on Monday!! ugh.
tank: Buckle
burnout: Maurices
Sweater: Old Navy
Shoes: Buckle, old but they still sell them
This was our Valentine's Party day, so I was fancy in my sequins. You know you like it. :)
Pants: Sam's Club (I really need some black pants that fit)
Cami: Wal-Mart
Sequin Tank: Old Navy
Cardigan: Wal-Mart
Shoes: Fashion Bug


skinnies: Walmart :) Black Friday
tank: Buckle
long sleeve tee: Old Navy
sweater: Target? maybe?
boots: Vera Wang at Kohls
scarf: Walmart

Sorry for the blurry picture, CT took it. I was in PD all day today. I wanted to wear something comfy and these pants are super soft and comfy. I got there and EVERYONE else was in jean. #fail
Pants: American Eagle, they have a light blue pinstripe and I love them, I just rediscovered them.
Sweater: Wal-Mart
Cami: Wal-Mart
Shoes: American Eagle from Payless

Jeans: American eagle (three pairs of these babies!)
Tank: buckle
Shirt: buckle, last summer
Shoes: buckle, a few years ago

Coat: north face- love it! And in case you were wondering, the white washes up like a champ!!
(This is what I will probably actually be wearing today!)
(uploaded these babies on the fly from Waterloo. Awesome creepy bathroom photo right?)

Jeans: Wal-Mart (I don't like how the legs are cut, so I tuck them into my boots, not really sold on that either though, so after seeing this picture, I think these are going in the Goodwill bag.)
Shirt: Old Navy
Scarf: My mom knitted it for me
Boots: Target

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Friday 5

1. Tried out a scuff cover on my Vera Wang boots, they are at least 3 years old and now these babies look good as new again!

2.  I got this gel nail polish at Walmart for a couple bucks, so far so good.  Polish has stayed on all week. Much cheaper than shellac. 

3. Niki's kids both got awesome reports at conferences this week! 

4. I got to babysit these little pumpkins last weekend- who could resist that face?

5. I got to help Faith, Niki's daughter, make her valentine's box for school. So much fun!

Shannon saw this purse while perusing her Pintrest fashion boards and clicked on it. The link took her to, of all places, and she had to have it! It has been ordered and will arrive shortly. The fashion gods were really looking down on her this week! Lucky girl!

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  1. I have a suggestion -- for March -- pick five basic outfits -- then reaccessorize and otherwise change that basic outfit four different ways to get you through the month.