Tuesday, February 5, 2013

a little inspiration

I recently paid off my car and have since been trying to get my budget in order and try to save some money, all while paying off a truckload of student loans. There might actually be two trucks. Five years at a private college, I'm an idiot.

A while ago I turned an old (giant) pickle jar into our savings jar. And since then it has collected a little bit of change, but not much. I need to paint the lid too, but just haven't gotten to that yet.

It just took a few minutes and supplies I already had on hand. 
Recycled Jar
Foam Brush
Mod Podge (homemade or otherwise)

 Use the mod podge on both sides of the label to make sure its nicely stuck down.

Then just wait for it to dry.
Easy Peasy.

But there was nothing to make us actually put money into the jar. So when I found this pin yesterday I figured I should try it out.

The 52 week Challenge from Stuck at home mom. (click the picture to see her post)

I made my own version of the amounts to be deposited since I didn't think I would be able to swing the weeks where you are putting $50 in at a time. Remember that truck I mentioned?

So here's the one I made for myself:
{poor kid style}

And my take on the original version:

Click on the image to download either for yourself and join in the savings challenge!!

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