Thursday, February 21, 2013

Creating a Cleaning Caddy

There are some great caddies all over pinterest and blogland. All kinds of caddies. 

School Supplies
And the focus for today

The situation under my sink was, well a bit alarming. How is one supposed to clean if you can't even locate the proper cleaning supplies and tools? Right, you can't. Not saying that I was like living in a potential biohazard zone. Just that a few cleaning tasks may have been neglected. And so I decided that I was jumping on the caddy wagon. Starting with a cleaning caddy.
I got some inspiration from my favorite blogs:
I think we might even have the same caddy??

So let's take a peak at what we're working with here:

 This is the right side of the cabinet. At one point, ya know when we moved in, everything was stashed away nicely in those dish tubs. Cheap dish tubs are some of my favorite storage items these days. I used to have my whole closet organized with them {here}. They are super cheap, sturdy, and get the job done.

And here's the left side. Just as bad as the right side.

To start with everything had to come out and the cabinet got a good wipe down with antibacterial wipes. That means doors, sides, bottom, the back wall, and the insides of the tubs.  Leaving me with a clean slate to work with. As I took everything out of the cabinet, I tried to group things by type. I also created a pile for the things that would find a new home in my cleaning caddy.

Then I was able to start putting things back in, starting with the tubs (and some random booze shoved in the back) clearly I wasn't concerned about easy access to it.

Then I was able to start filling the tubs and my new cleaning caddy. whoop, whoop!

 All of my extras and infrequently used items went into the far back right corner. This back tub held a few spare method cleaners (I moved with seriously like 10 of them- and the bathroom ones are stored in there!) A random furniture polish, wasp killer, floor cleaner, and febreze finished out the remainder of the tub.

 On the left side, behind the tub I stashed some excess dish detergent and a few flashlights. They fit just perfect in the space behind that tub.

And here's the front of the left side. This tub holds light bulbs, comet, jet dry, garbage bags, a few sponge, a scrub brush, and the Kitchen Antibac Method. I didn't put this one into the caddy since it would only be used in the kitchen and it didn't make sense to take up space in the caddy if it was already in it's intended room.

In the space between the two tubs, I put our current dishwasher detergent and the big jug of dish soap that I use to refill the small one that I keep on the counter next to the sink.

And here's what I put into my caddy:
starting at the right front corner--
 swiffer/febreze dusting spray
 carpet stop treatment
 Method glass & surface cleaner
 Method multi-surface cleaner
Clorox Anywhere spray
window cleaner (with the microfiber rag folded and tucked in front of it)
febreze (extra strength)
microfiber cleaning rags- light blue and white, darker blue rag for TV screen
glade carpet freshener

And the nice little stack of trash that I was able to clean out from under the sink. All packed up nicely in the garbage bag box. I actually combined the two different sizes of trash bags that we had. Crafty, huh?

Now I can just grab my caddy and run around the apartment cleaning like a crazy person! It will be super handy to have everything I need and just go from one room (or area) to the next. It will also be a great help when I start my spring cleaning!
I'm working on a clear the clutter project in conjunction with my spring cleaning, so it won't be your traditional spring cleaning but all the necessary cleaning tasks will get done. A spring cleaning printable for you is in the works, so stay tuned. This also means that my spring cleaning will be more like late winter cleaning. I don't trust myself to just let my brain come up with all the things that need to be done, gotta check it out for myself. So stay tuned for your spring cleaning pleasure!

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  1. I don't see any problem if I try this approach in my way bigger kitchen as compared to normally build kitchens. Selecting right mix of cleaning products is the core issue I'm facing right now!!