Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Living Room Office Nook Check In

So, I'm pretty awesome at organizing things, but not so great at maintaining. Example: My mom will come help me clean and organize the living room and kitchen, and then by the next weekend I have piles in the same places, laundry to fold and overall back to the same place I was the week before.
Some of this comes just from having both parents who work, three busy kids and just being on the run a lot. However, those are all just excuses.
I have been working on maintaining the organization I have started. I happen to own an organizing-ish blog. So, you guys are going to hold me accountable! Yeah for you!
So, here is my first check-in. I think, all in all, the desk is looking good. I did put one thing away before I snapped the picture, however I put it away before I decided to take the picture. It was a tractor.

The only things that don't belong are the Sunday paper that I need to snag the ads from, Faith's iPod, and Carter's watch. I don't think that is so bad, do you?
Are you maintaining your organization? Or does it all go to pot like me?

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