Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rearranging Attack!

This week there has been a crazy woman living in my apartment! I have no idea where she came from, but she could be the result of having the whole week off from my part time jobs. I still had school everyday, but when I got home around 4, I was FREE for the whole night! Some of you lucky people with only job might not understand, but the other weirdos with multiple jobs will totally get it! The current job tally is 3.5 (Full time-school, 2 part time- Menards & The Education Station, and one half of a job- prom coordinator {will become a bit more involved in the next couple months}). So having a whole week free is like a miracle and I was taking full advantage.

The first room to be struck was the living room. Clearly the crazy lady did not stop to take any nice before photos, she was in a mad frenzy and couldn't be stopped. She apologizes and offers these photos from previous posts to remind you of what was going on.

We had the monster desk in the corner, although not presently that messy. But still a desk just plopped right in the middle of the living room. My "antique" dresser from my grandma that stores some crafting goodies, sits next to the patio door. We have two end tables with lamps on the ends of the sofa and couch. We also have a pretty good sized coffee table that how holds my fab Goodwill tray. And our "entertainment center" built out of ITSO cubes from Target.

Our big couch is pretty good sized, and pretty heavy so this girl, er I mean the crazy lady that attacked us, was clearly not moving that bad boy. The entertainment center also had to stay because I wasn't about to move that massive TV or mess with the cords and satellite. So those two items had to stay where they were, but everything else was fair game.

I knew I wanted the desk moved. Actually, I wanted it to go live in an office but that wasn't going to happen. So I settled for moving it. A quick text to my momma for advice and it migrated to the corner by the patio door. We felt like then it would have more of its own area and not be the {ugly} centerpiece of the living room.

  Much better tucked into its own little corner of the room!!

 Both printers stacked up next to the desk, already plugged in and cords sort of tucked away.

My black tote bag is currently holding some random things, but I plan to put that away too, since nothing in it is actually important. My spare printer paper is stashed in a wire basket.

And now back to the other side of the room, the former home of the desk. I started with the sofa and end table like this, and then decided that the table needed to be on the other side so that you could see the TV better and for some serious gaming (bf plays COD---dork!!)

They seem a little close together, but I think it will work out okay.

The couch and entertainment center didn't get to make any changes. Even the ugly body pillow stayed. I've given up on putting it away every single day. Not worth wasting my time since it comes back out everyday. 

Same here too, even the Law & Order. The dead sticks just moved over from the other wall to their new home next to the TV. I did lose my launching area though, so I'll have to work out something new for that. 
Overall, I think the new layout of the room will really work better for us. Just switching the sofa and the desk made such a huge difference in how big and open the room feels now. So its a new office all to myself, but it works for us, for now :)

And it seems like our momma caught the rearranging bug too! She did some work in the scrapbook room, so now its ready for some scrapbooking and an overnight guest.

Desk is set up, and supplies are stashed away. Plus an extra table because you know you can't actually work on that little desk.

Couch with a pullout bed is clear and ready for an overnight guest. 
It even comes with a nice Siamese cat!

There was also some serious working happening in the little brother's room.

sweet hat, right?

I also popped into the bathroom for a quick tidy since I seems as though everyone was in a hurry today.

 Just 3 minutes later everything was back in it's proper home.

 Much better. Ignore the lady in the mirror :)

And the mirror got a good cleaning with my favorite glass cleaner. The rest of my cleaning products are method brand (other than the clorox anywhere that went all over the apartment when we moved in. I'm a weirdo like that--not knowing who lived there before freaks me out). The rest of my cleaners are very asthma friendly- no harsh smells and chemicals, but this one only takes a spray and a quick wipe and the mirror is sparkling clean with no streaks left behind. 

Stay tuned next week, I have some more plans for the apartment that I will share then. For sure the kitchen is getting some attention, we'll see how long the madness lasts :)

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