Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kitchen Corner Clean-up

I am awesome at alliteration. I know you are jealous!
What you will not be jealous of is the fact that I am at home with 3 sick kids. :( However, I am still tackling some organizing projects.
Jen at I heart organizing is sponsoring kitchen organization month. She has tackled her pantry. I am headed there next. But for now I started small with a corner that is kind of a catch all for us.
I am so embarrassed to show you all this. But this is what our corner looked like:
I started by just grouping all like things together, throwing away garbage, that kind of thing.
The pop got thrown away, it was totally flat, the wine is actually Shannon's got put in the cupboard, the can got ditched, the food got put away, including the delicious home made bread, that I made. I had no idea we had crammed this much stuff in that corner!

Once I got all those things put where they belong, I cleaned the counter very well. I used my trusty Method anti-bac. I cleaned under the microwave, the Keurig (that my lovely mother in law got me! Thanks Shelly!) and all along the wall. I felt better already.
 The only thing I put back on the microwave was a basket that holds out box tops, milk lids and pop tabs. The kids collect all three to take to school, so they need to be somewhere easy for us to stick or we won't do it. I don't want it to stay there, but I'm not doing a whole kitchen overhaul, so it's staying there for now.

Over all, I'm happy with what I look at when I head over to microwave something. Here is a good old before and after. Much improved, in my opinion.

Are you tackling the kitchen a la Jen? Somewhere else? Share your projects with us!

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