Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A packing list freebie

I am one lucky lady this week. I get to go on Waterloo, Iowa. Vacation hot spot right?? Ha! But it is away from my house and I don't have to cook or make my own bed, so I'd say its still a win.
So because of said impending vacation you get a freebie. I know I could have just written my list on a piece of notebook paper, but this was way more fun.
Here are my lists in action:
I'm sure there will be more things frantically scribbled down before I actually get my packing done...tonight. Which is a little late for my preferences but I've been a busy gal. I did color coordinate my list with my favorite papermate flair markers.
purple is for bathroom type supplies
blue is for clothing
green is for electronics
pink is for snacks
light purple is my list of things that need to be purchased or done

And here's the freebie for you. In case any of you get to go on super cool vacations too!
Although it could be used for a move too, since I kept the label generic.
Also, since I will be "vacationing" I will be leaving the blog completely in Niki's hands. So look forward to a post from her tomorrow and she will be wrapping up our weekly wardrobe on Friday too.

can you sense the theme in my recent printables? I'm way into borders, bright colors, arrows, and chevron!


  1. I so needed this right now. I am starting to pack for a 7 day cruise for my family of four. It's so stressful! I am definitely going to get different colored pens. LOVE THAT!

  2. I'm stressed packing for a long weekend! You must be superwoman! Glad we could help out, and have an AWESOME trip!!