Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pantry Pare Down Part 1

Jen's pantry reorganization has prompted me to spend some time clearing out the clutter in our most used room, the kitchen. Our pantry is just one tall cupboard with 4 shelves and a smaller cupboard on top. I am just starting with the 4 shelves for now. The cereal cupboard will have to wait for a shopping trip. Everything I am doing today, I am doing with stuff I have on hand.
This is what my pantry looked like before. Just a bunch of stuff shoved in when we came home from the store or get done cooking.
I started on the top shelf, just taking the stuff off one shelf at a time. That way if I wanted to stop partway through, I could. And in fact, I did.
I digress, here is all the stuff I got out of the first shelf:
This is after I condensed some things and threw away out of date things.
This is stuff that was on that shelf that didn't belong.
I got out my trusty Method Anti-Bac and wiped down the shelf. Nice and clean and ready to be reloaded.

Then I put all the top shelf spices back in. Nice and neat, spices only.

And now, a lovely before and after. Its not much, but it's progress! So here goes!
So... Are you participating in Jen's challenge? What kitchen organizing have you been doing? Share with us, we love all the inspiration we can get!


  1. I organise my pantry all the time but the 2 men of the house just mess it all up again! lol

  2. That's pretty much what happens to us too! It's a never ending cycle :)