Thursday, January 24, 2013

Living Room Office Nook

Niki here! We are always currently remodeling our house. Having a daddy that is a contractor, this is the life I am used to. My hubby? Not so much.
Back to the point. We are currently remodeling our house. We have no office space. Zero. Zilch. Nada. We currently have some shelves with some office stuff in two different places in our house, and laundry baskets full of office supplies, school supplies and genealogy stuff in our bedroom. We also have a cool white desk in our living room. It used to be a black and metal cheap-o desk from Wal-Mart, But that does not really go with our living room, so when I found this guy in one of our out buildings (not out house, get your mind out of the gutter) I grabbed him.
He is supposed to be a desk for Faith (my 8 year old) to do homework, me to sort coupons and make grocery lists or the boys to color or create a Lego masterpiece. However, the only thing it is good for right now is storage. Just stuff piled on junk on top of papers. I have some things working, and some not. So lets figure this out, shall we?

First thing I did was clear off the desk and sort out the stuff. This is what I was left with:

Next we put away, threw and away and generally dealt with all the stuff from the desk. There was also a pile of Faith's stuff. I have no idea why it's not in the picture.

This is the stuff we keep in our library book box. It has the kids library books, the chapter books we are currently reading, Faith's guided reading book bag and her math flash cards. These are all things we use on a nightly basis. The bin is just a dish bin from Target. We have several, and love them.

This was my stuff. It was all put away in it's rightful home, except the coupons and recipes. Those need to be clipped and filed.

This is today's final product. The only things left are the library book box, our family picture, the coupons and recipes and my Sentsy pot. I moved the printer to the floor because it took up so much space.
This desk looks like it's ready for homework. Let's hope it stays that way!
This whole project took me about 20 minutes, including taking pictures, putting things away and having my kids "help".
Is there an area that could use some decluttering in your house? What can you knock out in 20 minutes tonight?

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  1. good work! feels so much better, doesn't it? Thanks for showing us how much can be accomplished in just a short amount of time