Monday, March 19, 2012

Fifteen Minutes of {organization}

Have 15 extra minutes today? Take some time and organize a space that has been bothering you!
Tackling projects and messy spaces a little at a time makes them a far less daunting task.

A space that was bothering me? My bathroom cupboard.
I failed to take a "before" picture because I was just so excited to get started, so you'll have to settle for just an after picture.
I only purchased a few supplies for this project, and only after I couldn't find anything to fit the space that I already owned. I grabbed some  cheap plastic bowls at Target, I can't find them online now, but I know they were less than $2.00 for the sets.

I laid everything out on my bathroom floor and began to categorize into like items. After I had all my piles separated, I started deciding which size of bowl to use with which products.

You have to imagine the before picture, but just imagine things everywhere! All my jewelry piled into the white basket, and pill bottles everywhere.

I ended up with this:

I did end up saving two containers from my previous storage, the large white basket and the pink round container. I have no idea where either of them came from, they have both been around for a while. 
The first of the larger bowls holds necklaces and watches.
The second larger bowl holds nail polish.
The first of the smaller bowls holds hair ties and bobby pins.
The middle bowl holds earrings.
The last bowl holds all of my bracelets.
The round pink bowl holds medicine with a "PM" label (excedrine pm or tylenol pm) and a set of nail clippers.
The square white basket holds all other medications and nail files tucked in along the side. 
Along the back wall are some extra lotions, deodorants, and other things that I didn't want sitting out. Nail polish remover and cotton pads are also in the back.

 The bottom shelf mainly holds cleaning products and an extra rug tucked in the back. My Method bathroom cleaning products {sigh, I heart Method products} along the left, along with lime-away.
The rest of my things are on the right. My make up is contained in the flowered yellow Vera Bradley bag, and my flat iron is on the Vera Bradley case that you can barely see, standing up (brown, pink, and white). My blow dryer lives underneath these things, though the order changes on a daily basis.

My project took about 15 minutes, but has made a huge difference in my morning routine!

What project will you complete this week? Share your projects and ideas with us!

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  1. Last weekend we spent a couple of hours organizing my daughter's storage closet - double door. We put in two more shelves and used some tubs and wow -- what a difference you can now look in the closet and find anything in there instantly!