Monday, March 26, 2012

fifteen minutes of {organization}

Are you joining the spring cleaning bandwagon??
We are! Next on the list is my closet!
Check out this terrible before picture {I'm actually embarrassed to show it}
This disaster comes from just tossing things in the door and slamming it shut…mainly shoes on the floor, but still a disaster!

But the "after" is much improved. I added a few tubs from the dollar store. I added labels to them after this post but didn't take another picture.
Everything has a home now. In my bins are workout clothes (brown bin), pajamas, tank tops, and undergarments (even though my label says lingerie, because that sounds fancier!)

The boyfriend's jeans have a stack, my sweats and a few of his shorts, and more of his sweats.
Underneath are my high heels, displayed like they should be!

The rest of my shoes are divided into 3 tubs, flats, tennis shoes, and sandals and flip flops.

So far it is working great!

UPDATE: Since my closet clean out, I have also started using days of the week labels to plan my outfits on Sunday nights. This has really helped the digging through my closet, half-dressed, for 20 minutes and ending up with a pile of clothes that I considered and then decided against, only to have to put them away again later. So they have turned out to be a super time saver, in the morning and when I put laundry away.
They are super simple! Check them out in our etsy shop! I just printed them, cut them out, laminated, and cut them out again. Easy peasy!! 


  1. I spent a good part of the weekend spring cleaning my hard drive on my computer. Does that count?

  2. Hi! Found you on the link party! Your post title caught my eye. It's amazing what you can do in a short period of time...if you really dedicate yourself to it! In fact, I love that concept so much I have a whole blog about things you can do in less than 20 minutes {organizing, cooking, and other good stuff}. Take a peek at