Friday, April 5, 2013

High five for Friday

We are linking up with the lovely Lauren again this week.

1. Niki's class is going to the movie today! We are going to see The Croods. We couldn't be more excited.
2. I added these black bins to the linen closet and I am loving them. They are waiting for some awesome labels from Shannon. Also, my formerly empty shelf is now full of empty bins and baskets that Shannon got when we re-organized Faith's room last week.

3. We re-organized Faith's room last week. Shannon had the day off, and I had the week off. Faith's room was a disaster. We decluttered, pared down and rearranged. It is looking so much better and she is maintaining it pretty well. Look for a post on that later this month. :)

4. I got these wonderful new pouches from thirty-one that are helping me to keep my purse neat and organized. I love that they are so bright and cheery! No more digging to the bottom of my purse to find something!
5. I have become a freak....look at all that I require to prepare breakfast and lunch. Plus the coffee pot is running too! and those labels....expect a post on my labeling frenzy soon too!

have a great weekend everyone. don't forget there is still a few days to sign up for our giveaway! just click here to go to the entry. 

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