Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Finding Inspiring Ideas

I have been living in my apartment since last August, and while it's a nice little two bedroom apartment. I really just don't love it. I just doesn't feel quite right yet. However, I don't really know what is missing, or what I need to change. I have conquered quite a few of my clutter/storage/organization challenges and come up with solutions that are much more functional. But overall, I'm just not in love with the space. Yeah, I know don't whine about the fact that I have a nice place to live. That's not where I'm going with this. I know that I am lucky to have a nice, safe place to live in a nice neighborhood. I'm just saying I don't love my decor, organization, and arrangement. Nothing to do with my actual home. Just what I have or have not done with it. That being said, it's up to me to turn it into a space that I love right??

Here' a peak at what our apartment looked like before we moved in...ignore the boxes in the kitchen. I forgot to take photos before we started brining stuff in. It's not huge, but its okay. For three 20 somethings on a budget, it's a nice enough place. Also I love that I have a dishwasher and garbage disposal. 

I don't intend on doing much in the kitchen or bathroom. I'm okay with those spaces actually. Both have recently gotten some organizing updates and are functioning well for us. Except the tupperware cupboard, its a recurring nightmare.

I made an entire pinterest pinboard to help me come up with some wonderful ideas. Check it out here. and follow me on pinterest too, if you'd like :)
Our bedroom is one area that I really struggle with. It's a pretty small room and we have a queen size bed with a large wooden frame with storage underneath and in the headboard, along with a short, long dresser, and a tall, skinny dresser. Plus a jam packed closet. I mean packed. I've posted about my attempts to get it in order before, here, but brace yourself before you read that. it. was. bad.
I have gotten our closet to a point where it is tolerable, but still waaaay too full. Packing up some of my warmer winter clothes would help a little, if I had somewhere else for them to go.
I would love to rearrange the bedroom...but with that much furniture and a stupid window to work around, I can't seem to come up with any brilliant ideas. Plus, my TV is stuck where its at because of the cable cord. So this space remains in it's awkward state, until I can come up with something better. Here's a few spaces that I love...
This room is close to our color scheme, since painting or new bedding isn't an option. This offers some good inspiration and also tips on making a small master bedroom seem bigger.

The colors in this room are a bit much for me, but I don't mind the idea of the bed in front of the window. And the desk in there isn't bad either, but I don't think we have room for that.

I don't love the tree on the wall, but I do like the double duty storage and seating boxes at the end of the bed.

This room is so cozy and cheery I just love it.  Maybe a future color palette? I like the large canvas photos above the headboard, except ours is rounded, not sure if it would work the same?

I love the open spaces in the long skinny side tables and the art work above.
I know that I cannot recreate any of these spaces, but I hope to be able to pull some sort of inspiration from them to incorporate into our space.

Also, you may have noticed that there is no office. My desk was previously residing in the living room. And now it is tucked in the corner of our dining area. Not sold on which location I like better. But I do like that the dart board is moved out of my kitchen, so I think the "w" goes to the current location.
Here's what my space presently looks like....functionality score =0. You can't tell in the photo, but the floor under my desk is currently my storage location. It is less than aesthetically pleasing and I would love to get some sort of small shelving situation happening here. I also don't love the corner desk, or the glass. but it was free.

and here's some spaces that I love... (click the photo to view the source)

This seems like the most reasonable option. I'm waiting for my wonderful daddy to make me a parson's desk and then this would work out swell.  I love that everything is nicely tucked away but still accessible, and pretty :)

If I had an empty closet, this would be a perfect solution. But there are no empty closets so this is just a dreamy space to look at.

If I had a whole office room rather than a corner, this would be a wonderful work space.

I absolutely love this cheery workspace!

I also love these fun desk storage accessories and hope to come up with some cheery storage of my own!

I also wish I had a better entry....and not just a hallway. I found a few cute entry/mudroom spaces that could be non-permanent to do in an apartment.
A small cabinet could make a perfect apartment entry space

Crates and hooks make the cutest non permanent entry space!!

So tell me, where do you find inspiration for your home? Do you have any brilliant suggestions for me?? I'm all ears!

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