Wednesday, April 3, 2013

fifteen minutes of {washi} crafting

 Anyone that follows my on pinterest can verify, that I am fully embracing my new love for washi tape. I considered giving washi tape is own pinboard, but decided that was a bit much and put it in with crafts. for now.

I had to stop at WalMart to get more {hazelnut} coffee after work, so clearly I had to swing through the stationary isle. While I was there I snagged some binder clips and a clipboard. Spent a whopping like $3.50.

I grabbed my supply of washi tape (stashed in a flower pot from the Target dollar spot), scissors and my purchases and curled up with my favorite fuzzy blanket and some DVR'd Law & Order SVU. It was snowing like crazy, so it really seemed like the best idea for the evening.

so pretty!

The width of my washi tape just happened to perfectly on the smaller clips so I just stuck it on one side, rolled it over and trimmed it off. super simple. The ability to stick, unstick, and restick the tape as many times as I needed to, to get it straight was awesome. You know I was sticking and resticking until I got it perfectly straight on each one :)

love that nasty chipped nail polish don't ya??

The bigger clips didn't fit quite as nice. I tried a few different ways and never really found a way that I liked. But I ended up just overlapping the two pieces of tape and calling it good enough. I thought about cutting it so it fit evenly, but I really wasn't interested in getting that OCD. They are just binder clips that I will probably loose or someone will "steal" off my desk at school.

 Here are the completed smaller ones. adorable!
 And then I just added a few strips to the clipboard, just to brighten it up. I didn't want to crazy and cover the whole thing. And my OCD brain wouldn't let me mix colors. So it's staying a pink clipboard until I can get brave enough to add another color.

 Even though it monochromatic, its still much more fun than a plain old masonite clipboard.
It will be great to keep on my desk at school!

What washi crafts have you done?? Any other brilliant ways of using this oh-so-functional-and-fun tape?

What wonderful ways are you using washi?? share your crafts with us!

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