Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April Challenge: More Spring Colors

So, it's a week into April and we have not introduced out new challenge. #fail

Shannon and I both noticed that we have not been supporting the fact that spring has sprung. We have challenged each other to wear more spring colors. We have tons of saturated, deep jewel tones. They work on both our skin tones. However, it is spring. Time to lighten up.
Oh yeah, those pants are size 6. Be jealous. :) Disregard the dirty mirror.
I have started integrating more spring into my outfits. You can follow our #ootd (outfit of the day) posts on instagram, if you want.

This was my Easter shirt. I LOVE it.

Have you brought spring into your wardrobe yet? Bust out the pink, purple, yellow and green! It's time for our outfits to reflect the new spring weather.

Share your spring outfits with us. We would love some more inspiration!

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