Monday, April 22, 2013

Working on my April Plans

I posted last week about what I am planning to get done this month, so I figured I should check in and let you all know how I am doing (as if anyone actually cares? I'm pretending that you do though) and maybe see what everyone else is accomplishing too??

So here we go.
Time management and obligations:
 1. survive prom-- It's not prom weekend yet, so I cannot say that I have successfully survived. But I think I am down to one last shopping trip and the closet in my classroom is stuffed full of fun prom decorations. So far, so good.
2. Get bridesmaid dress altered- failed epicly on dropping it off last week. but remembered it this week. check.
3. register for summer classes- another fail, but not for lack of effort. A million emails and searching for colleges that offer what I want has only turned up frustration. All I want to do is add an early childhood endorsement, I don't want the whole two year degree. There's no time for that nonsense, especially when I already have a degree.

Home and Organizing.
1. get all labels printed, laminated, and put up. check.  And here they are now:

My laundry labels are simply clipped on the washer, with the current load on top. Nothing too drastic here. (Niki even offered our laundry labels as a freebie, here)

These wonderful babies are the best thing my dishwasher has ever seen. We have to pretty much wash our dishes before they go in, so the clean/dirty sign help to make sure nobody is accidentally putting away "dirty" dishes. I know, you're thinking "what kind of idiots can't communicate about the dishwasher?" Answer, us. Since we work completely opposite hours, we never see each other. So this means one of us is loading and starting and one of us is putting them away. This helps us to know what's going on, without having to waste the few minutes that we get to talk, talking about household chores.

I also labeled the closet. And did a tid bit of rearranging. My totes were formerly living on the top shelf and they found their way back up there again. An organizer from Target became the home for most of my shoes and the bins emptied of shoes, now hold some of the bf's pants. I feel like this crosses over a bit into....

2. finish up spring cleaning. mostly check. I'm still coming up with a few more random things to purge, or reorganize, or sort through. But as far as my actual cleaning, I've made it through the whole apartment.
3. purge, declutter, and organize coat closet- haven't made it to this disaster yet. But it's in my plans. No school days on Friday and Monday for me.
4. store seasonal winter clothes- this is also in the plans for my no school days.
5. new desk area- this area is still a giant frustration. I need some sort of small shelving situation so that things are not just sitting on the floor. However I haven't found anything that really works yet. I've even been to Goodwill and Walmart a couple times and come up with nothing.

Blog and Etsy.
1. Update items in the shop-check. I posted Monday about some of our recent new items. I am uber in love with all of the bright colors we have been using lately! They make some of the mundane lists and documents just a bit more fun. If we must have chore charts to help us keep it together, they should be pretty right?
 speaking of keeping it together, I made this cutie to put on my fridge. I have cleaning checklists that live in my home management binder that track some of the tasks that aren't done as often. But I felt like I needed a daily, constant, visual reminder. So I whipped this up, ran it through the laminator, and popped it on the fridge.
2. Get my posts written before the day they go live- this is still a bit hit and miss. somedays I'm doing great, other's I'm still like crap!! I haven't done anything worth writing about! but I have a rough plan for the month and will be using my no school days to get some stuff done. half check.
3. do some projects- again back to the no school days. I have found some cute ideas on pinterest, and think I will be starting with some simple washi tape labels and giving my finance box a good cleanout.

So I'm making are your April goals coming along?? Chat with us...share your plans, goals, accomplishments, and even set backs!

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  1. Bad -- I am gaining weight instead of losing! :(