Monday, April 29, 2013

Prom Palooza {the results}

If you have been following our little blog for a while now, you may already know that I am the super lucky person who gets to be in charge of prom (sarcasm, friends, sarcasm.) Yep, Junior Class Sponsor, that's my official title. And I get paid like a whopping extra $100 a month, maybe. It's really not a ton of work until like the month before, up until then it's just a few meetings and ordering supplies. Our main fundraiser is running the concession stand at all the football games, so it is some work in the fall too.
Anyway, our theme this year is "under the sea". I let my class officers basically make all of the design decisions and just make a few suggestions here and there, but essentially it's all their ideas.
Since this has been consuming my life for the past week, I figured it deserved a post or two, right?

After three crazy days of decorating and setting up every last detail, we reached prom night and everything went great! Here's a few photos of my night :)

Getting ready in the community center bathroom. classy. I know. but much better than last year, I'm pretty sure my hair was still half wet as I was sprinting out the door to make it to grand march.
And poof!! magically I'm dressed and ready

Buffet tables....clearly this was before my caterer had set up and filled them with delicious food!

Drink and snack table...also unfilled.

The stage, for our speakers and singers.

dining tables

dining tables

and more tables....

the first centerpieces variation...

the second centerpiece variation....

And the third centerpiece variation...fishies only on staff tables!
And don't worry they found nice homes on teacher's desks after prom :)

So that was my whirlwind weekend....hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was exhausting and now I'm ready for another weekend!!

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