Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May Basket Mayhem

When we were younger our mom used to help us make May Baskets to give to our cousins and neighbors. I have always planned on doing it with my own children, but have never actually followed through with it. So this year I am making 16 for Jayce's preschool class, 8 for his daycare class, 18 for Carter's class and 22 for Faith's class. Usta.

This year I planned ahead. We always have a ton of popcorn, Faith and I love it for snacks. Wal-Mart has some super cute spring colored plastic cups (think Red Solo Cup, only turquoise). I let each of the kids pick out candy to put in and we are going to use up some of the candy in our cupboard too.

Shannon whipped us up some fantastic little labels to spread our May cheer. Aren't they cute?

I spent a bit of time just popping the popcorn so it was ready and then the kids and I assembled our baskets.
Carter's have Spiderman candy in them. He was so excited. Faith's aren't done yet, we ran out of popcorn. Her's have fruit snacks in the bottom though. I am hoping to have enough ambition left tomorrow night to make them for my students at school. That is like 25 more. We will see.

I do have to make an emergency stop for more popcorn. I thought I had more than enough, but no. 

It's not to late for you to whip up some May Baskets for you to take to neighbors, work or school. If you do, be sure to share.

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