Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Five!

Here we are, back with our Friday Five!

1. Niki got to run outside again this week on Monday, but not agin for the rest if the week. :(

2.  Shannon is spending a no school morning working on some etsy orders, while enjoying some coffee. Not chugging it while driving to work is always a bonus :)

3. Shannon got a new hair color!! That totally counts right? Some of you may have already spotted it on instagram!

4. We get to spend the afternoon together doing a little last minute prom shopping :) hooray for a little sister bonding.

5. Shannon made a meal off pinterest and it was delicious! It totally validates all my time wasted spent on pinterest, right?

6. Niki's class is at the circus today!!! Who doesn't love a field trip?? Especially on a Friday!!

have a great weekend everyone :)

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