Friday, May 10, 2013

High Five for Friday

Hey everyone, we hope you all had a great week! We are both getting close to the end of the school year (Shannon is closer than Niki) Woo Hoo! I think teachers get just as excited for the end of the year as the kids do! They get so antsy and ridiculous towards the end and makes me a little bit nuts!!
Of course we are linking up with Lauren again, so be sure to hop over to her blog and check out everyone else's Friday Five.

1. We started off our week running our very first 5K together! It was such a great day and we loved it!

2. Niki's daughter Faith had her music concert on Monday night and she did great!

3. We sponsored a giveaway on another blog, challenge accepted. Allison was our lucky winner! We love doing giveaways! We even offered a coupon code to her readers, so if you're looking to order something be sure to hop over to her blog first :)

4. I brought brownies for my seniors' last day today and cupcakes yesterday. I'm like MarthaFreakingStewart lately. However I must confess, the cupcakes were an impulse purchase at WalMart. But I made those brownies fresh this morning!!

5. We got our Advocare Spark energy drink mixes this morning. We are so excited for them. We love that they are sugar free and provide a great energy boost! Can't wait to put them to good use this summer!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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