Monday, May 6, 2013

Our first race

Niki and I ran our very first real race on Sunday! It was such a great day and I am so proud of her for reaching this accomplishment. If you haven't been following us for a while, you may not know that a year and half ago, Niki was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. So in that time she has gone through radiation and chemotherapy. She is almost 9 months out from her last chemo treatment and is healthy and doing so well. She took her cancer diagnosis as a jumpstart to getting healthy and staying healthy. Completing this 5K with me was a huge milestone for her and I am glad to have gotten to share it with her! And I didn't even have to pull her in the wagon like I told her I would!

Here we are in the car driving to the race...

heading in to the finish...

Just before the finish line.

And here we are afterwards.

Yes, it was the Susan G. Komen Race for the cure run, but we wore Niki's cancer shirts we made this past year. Our team name for the last couple year's has been "Faith for the cure", ya know since Niki's daughter's name is Faith. Yeah, we're crafty like that. But next year our tag line for our shirts is going to be "cancer isn't just pink". We do have two grandmother's that had breast cancer and it is a cause we very much support, but we have many other cancers that run in our family who are not "pink". So it is our way of supporting all cancer research.

Have a great day everyone.

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