Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pinterest crafts!

My second pinterest craft. I was so excited! It was super simple and only took me like 15 minutes total. So I guess this means this post counts as "Fifteen minutes of crafting" (yay!)
 I started with these….

cheapo bobby pins ( I think from Walmart or the Dollar Store)

Then I dug through my nail polish for some fun colors and lined them up in a row on the table. I cut off a flap from a left over moving box and started lining the bobby pins along the edge.
I did put some left over newspaper underneath just in case I got messy. Then you just paint each bobby pin, easy peasy. 
The bobby pins went over so well, that I thought I should do my keys too!
This picture was after the first coat…I added two more coats after this one to make the colors really pop.
Here's how they look on my key chain (adorable!)

What pinterest crafts have you actually completed? leave a link in the comments, we would love to check them out!

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