Tuesday, August 21, 2012

moving madness {part four}

I apologize (for like the 7th time) for my absence. I have been without internet since we moved. It was horrible! Horrible, I tell you!! If it wasn't for my Iphone, I might not have made it.
We went back to school on Wednesday and I have been crazy busy since then! I work as a paraeducator and new to my list of duties this year is um well I guess I don't have a title, office assistant maybe? Anyway, I am in charge of attendance for the middle school and high school. It has taken quite a bit of adjusting and working with our secretary, (she's the best!) and I think we are finally getting it figured out.

So in honor of back to school time, we are going to do another etsy sale! 15% off your entire order! Get everything you need to get your school year started right, whether you are a parent, teacher, or student! Back to school is a crazy time for everyone and I'm sure we can all improve our organization!

Right now I am working on creating my Junior Class Sponsor Binder (yep, that's right prom!) and revamping my home management binder, even though I only created it a short while ago. I have redone all my documents so that they match and even added a few. I also added a pocket to the back to hold all of my user and owner's manuals. I will do an update post of my home management binder when I have it completed. That may take me a while, I am still arranging and rearranging and getting settled into our new apartment. I felt a little bit like a crazy person when I had moved my dishes three times in the first week.

We are also thinking of changing up our blog schedule a little. We are thinking of maybe just going to Monday, Wednesday, Friday posts until we get settled into our routines. This is a busy time for both of us. So what would you like to see more or less of? crafts? organizing? printables? teacher tips? pinterest? Let us know!

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