Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fifteen Minutes of crafting {shower decorations}

I recently volunteered to be in charge of a bridal shower for a family friend. So I went to pinterest for some inspiration. Here's the ideas I wanted to use as a launching point for making my decorations.

Still Love The Twigs With The Simple Glass Vases  The Jute! Love. Just Without Yellow :) 
I love the simplicity of these jars! I plan to use fake  artificial flowers to fill my mason jars.

centerpieces - I think I've pinned this before but I just love it so much! :) 
 and here is my gifts and party pinterest board.
I love these jars too! Too bad I have tea lights and not floating candles, but I love how they look!

I didn't and didn't intend to exactly copy either of these, they were just inspiration.
I had some clearance burgandy tealights and a few bigger burgandy candles and bought some burlap, ribbon, lace, and pennants and I was set.

And then I convinced my mom to help to me.

We got our materials and trusty glue gun and set to work wrapping our mason jars in the burlap/lace combo. Worksite: Mom & Dad's kitchen table. Super neat crafter, I am not.

  The burlap with lace ribbon was purchased at Michaels, it was a little pricey at $11.99 per roll, but luckily it was on sale!

 I started my momma on making pretty bows, because she makes them quite well, and I unfortunately cannot make them at all.

 We planned for 8 round tables, and 3 rectangle tables. I don't plan to put jars on two of the rectangle tables, so we are doing 9 jars.

We borrowed some sort of snips from my brother to cut the artificial flowers and it worked like a charm.
It was making me a little crazy that I didn't measure the placement of the burlap on each of the jars, but I went with the theory that they weren't going to be near each other so it would have to be okay.

 My momma also gets credit for the floral arrangements. I, on the other hand, mostly just rock the glue gun.

 I think we worked for probably an hour and had a nice little assembly line going on.

 Little brother, the photographer of this event, forced Momma to pose with her wonderful creation. She did a great job with the flowers!!

 A garden of fakies :)

 We made a bigger jar for the bride's table.
Added lace to the large candles.
8 jars for guest tables.
Decorated an M to display next to their engagement photo and guest book.
(This was another one of mom's great ideas!)

I am super jazzed with how these decorations turned out! We didn't spend a ton of money and didn't have to spend much more than an hour working on them. Thanks for all your help, Mom!


  1. I was very happy to help! Good job Shan!

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