Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Setting up my classroom {the final result}

 Meet the teacher night had finally come and my room was a ready as it was going to be....
Bring on the TK'ers!

My shelves were filled with all the goodies I had scavenged for all summer. I was under the mistaken impression that my shelves were going to stay looking like this.

And here's the back corner of the room.  Empty shelves, really? I know. Those were left empty on purpose to store the kids' rest mats.

Here is what my calendar area looked like at the beginning of the year. It looks so empty in this picture, but don't worry it looks nothing like this today.

My sister and my nephew were working hard to get my BEE folders ready to go for meet the teacher night so that the kids would have something on their desks when they came. I decided to use sort of a "BEE binder light" for my kids. I didn't think they needed a full BEE binder since they weren't reading and I used a simple behavior tracking method, so I went with the BEE folder.


This banner was a free download I found on pinterest and hung it with yarn, it is still hanging today.

And here's what it looked like from the door way in it's final stages. I scrounged a ridiculous white board easel from the basement and stole it to use in my room since i had no other whiteboard. I had a scavenger hunt on the tables for the kids to look around the room. My desk was so clean and empty- if only it still looked like that.

Next: see what it looks like a school year and a half later.

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