Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fifteen minutes of {crafting}

I have been on a pinterest spree lately- making all sorts of crafts and searching for inspiration. I still don't feel like my apartment feels like my home yet. I needs more rearranging, or perhaps initial arranging? And what better place for inspiration, than pinterest? Feel free to send me some pins if you have any brilliant ideas for apartment arranging!!
So on to the craft...
 This isn't really a pinterest craft, though I'm sure it is on pinterest somewhere. It's just a hey, I can use this for this, perfect- kinda thing.
I emptied my coffee into my cute on top of the counter jar and was left with this nice empty can:

I only needed a few supplies for this quick project. 
My homemade mod podge (for poor kids like me)
foam brush
scrapbook paper
clear acrylic sealer (optional)
scissors/paper cutter

I cut the paper to fit on my can and wrapped it around as a test run. I coated the can first then placed the paper on a little at a time, making sure the edges were lined up as I went along. I went section by section until I had gone all the way around the can. Then I went back and coated the outside with mod podge. I think I did 3 coats total, then let it dry really well overnight.

The next morning I sprayed it with an even coat of acrylic sealer, just to be safe. I did this outside before I left for school at 7am. So it was still dark, so no photos. But you get the idea. It was dry a few minutes later and ready for the car. I popped it on my desk when I got to school and tossed in a few pencils.

Super simple, and it matches the bucket that holds all of my post its and passes. Easy Peasy.

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