Monday, July 2, 2012

fifteen minutes of {organizing}

The coffee table. In theory its a great idea. In reality, its like the dumping ground for all things random and is generally in a state of disaster. Don't have a coffee table? Any kitchen table, end table, counter top, etc will do. You know you have one, we all do.
Here's mine (please don't judge- I swear I'm not really a slob. just never home for very long at a time.)

 Everything gets dumped here when we walk into the room. A computer or two, magazines, water bottles, aloe vera, random mail, and an alarm clock??

The bottom shelf stayed a little more organized. Stack of magazines on the left, the center basket holds  gaming supplies ( I mean because how can you play call of duty {or I guess you call it COD?} without the cute little microphone and headphones to talk trash to your opponent??? and on the right is a target dollar spot basket that holds some random papers?? a computer bag and of course some giant bodybuilding book.

So I started by clearing everything off of the table and sorted papers into like piles.

I snagged these baskets at the dollar store for $2 a piece to corral some of our goodies on the bottom shelf and one for the top.

Then, once the table is finally clear, CLEAN IT! yay for a clean and clear coffee table. I used Pledge multi-surface spray. Its super easy to just grab it to use anywhere.

My first attempt at the bottom shelf. Epic fail. So I tried again.

All of these magazines have to find a new home. Anywhere but the coffee table.


the only thing on the top of the table. (in theory) holds some random papers, resumes and mail

What have you been organizing lately?? Share your coffee table dumping grounds with us.

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