Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Moving madness

Let the madness begin! I move into a new apartment on August first! Yay right? Except that packing and moving again makes me just a bit nauseous. So I am going to try to be organized this time. So I got my game face on, and of course headed to pinterest and a few blogs. The two things I found most often? Lists and Lables {doesn't get any better than that}
So I got right to work, first I made some cute colorful labels thinking that I had 2 x4 labels. But alas, I did not. And the closest store is 25 minutes and I could not justify driving that far just for labels, but I did think about it for a second. 
Round two: I made some address label sized labels and left space for writing the contents. Also not happening. I write way too big for that. 
So, third time around I went super simple and made these:

And then I started my list:
and I labeled it Tuesday, hahaha like I would actually get it all done today. But hey I can dream right?

And since I was in the list making mood, I started an "apartment"  shopping list too. One side for household items and the other for groceries we would need right away

I have a few boxes packed so far. And I realized I might have an addiction? 10 bottles of Method Cleaners---seems a bit excessive?? But in my defense I did stock up when I could double coupon on sale. How can you say no to that?

It's gonna be a great week!! Even better if I get my list finished! Anyone else moving or have moved recently? I'd love some tips if you have any! 

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