Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What we are Pinning!

It's been a while since we shared what are pinning, so I thought we would let you in. You can always follow us on Pintrest by clicking over on the sidebar.

Be sure to click through to the source if you want to re-pin anything, don't pin from our post :)

1. I'm trying to find inspiration to dress myself a little better. Pintrest is always great for that!
Found Here
2. You know food is always on my mind. My husband and I are trying to make more real food. Ok, so I am finding recipes and he is cooking them. :) But this one looks like a crowd pleaser!
Found Here
3. This blogger has tons of awesome little girl hair ideas. Faith LOVES having fun hair styles and I ran out of ideas.
Found Here
4. This blogger has tons of fun ideas. I am definitely stealing the magnetic puzzle idea for our vacation to Yankton this summer!
Found Here
5. I love this not only as a teacher, but as the mother of a soon to be kindergartener. He is not super thrilled by educational activities, but he does like making his own books. This teacher has tons of other fun things, so be sure to check her out!
Found Here
1.   I am always looking for fun new recipes. An a tasty crock pot recipe is even better! This tasty looking slider is from six sisters stuff.

2.  I have been pinning quite a few recipes for homemade soaps and detergents. This one looks super simple to make, and maybe inexpensive enough to try out my first time.

3.  Photo blocks. Seem to be big in crafting right now.  This site offers an easy tutorial on how to create your own.

4. Bling Bobby Pins! I sooo need them! Way better than paying $5 for 20 bobby pins. Another one of those duh! Why couldn't I think of that things!

5.  I will soon have to move out of the house I am currently living in so I have searching for a few moving tips. This one for safely moving plates is great!

These are just a few of the things we have been pinning lately. Don't forget you can follow us on pinterest from the link on our home page. What other great things have you been pinning lately?

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