Monday, July 9, 2012

etsy store reorganization

Today's organization is a not a normal fifteen minutes of organizing. Today I am reorganizing our etsy store. I had a revelation the other day, my home management binder documents do not match, and that is a problem! In fact I'm not sure how I got along this long with the un-matching-ness. So now I am revamping the etsy store and offering some new and some redone documents to make a home management binder set (yay!)
The set is 19 documents, all personalized to your family. Hooray! 
The set includes:
automobile log

babysitter notes

bill payment log

password log

chore chart

cleaning checklist


kids' schedule

monthly budget

daily agenda

home maintenance

household information

important dates

blank monthly calendar

monthly menu planner

petsitter notes

grocery list

to do list

week at a glance

19 gloriously matched documents

I am also working on creating some other "sets" to offer in the etsy store. I'm thinking: 
grocery and menu planning
cleaning and organizing
for the teacher
and maybe more...we'll see how creative I get.
Check them out in our etsy store!


  1. I am thinkingg of wedding and Christmas gifts. How much lead time do you need?

  2. Wow this is organizing to the max but I could really use the automobile one because I never remember to get them serviced in a timely manner.