Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Paying bills.
It seems like a simple enough task right? You open the bill, read the amount, maybe shed a tear or two, and write the check. simple.  But as I was paying bills this week, some how I ended up with this disaster:

from left to right: home management binder, checkbook, bills, bills, planner, student loan folders 

checkbook register & checkbook, stack of bills

bills, planner, student loan folders

jam-packed june calendar

Does this happen to anyone else?? I mean really, I can't be the only one that spreads their crap very important bill paying  accouterments  {thats my like most favorite word ever!} all over the place, right?? Maybe some of you super cool people out there get a table or a desk to do this kind of things on? Perhaps some day in the future I will be that cool too.

Is that the life planner you ask?? Why yes it is! Here is a peak inside the trial version! I am soo loving it! Tickled Pink in fact! Here are the snapshots:

the front cover (apparently  I am a chargers fan by association?)

the back. perhaps I will think of something genius to put here?

the "if found" page

special dates (please ignore the whited out names)

year at a glance

monthly calendar- each month has a different color theme

 yep, boyfriend's little sister leaves for basic training…Missouri, who would want to go there?

weekly pages…the color theme matches the month.

So what do you think? does anyone else love it? and want one?? I think a giveaway is in order. A free life planner to one lucky reader with a custom cover of their choice. 

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  1. I believe that a good daughter would have given her mother one for mother's day!