Thursday, June 7, 2012

a little inspiration

So I have this giant list of things {mainly crafty crafts} that I wanted to do this summer because I thought I would have all this free time. ha yeah, free time? who really has that? But free time or not, here are some of the things on my craft wish list:

a trash containment device for the car

or perhaps like this?

a card collection and storage device

make a cuter change jar :)

tiny post it clipboards

make more cute clipboards, and maybe add my initial?

car emergency kit {perhaps the most practical thing on the list?}

this is a fresh start kit from clean mama, which in and of iteself is a good idea, however I also like the pens stored in the glass

glitter keys...even though I only have like 1 one key. its a good thought.

homemade ice pack using dawn.

kleenex for the car stored in tupperware. duh! why couldn't I think of that?

love blocks! I have two friends getting married soon...I have to get my game face on for this one.

super cute case for the laptop. I might be able to sew this?

covered magnetic memo board. easy peasy.

spray painted mason jars. note to self: find mason jars!

phone charger holder...I have a johnson & johnson bottle just waiting to be emptied

photo coasters...another good gift idea

more cute post it notes mail to Hunter while she is at basic training.

saw some cuties like this at hobby lobby. kicking my self for not buying them.

tinted mason jars

I neeeeed this!

an excellent reason for drinking wine

(see the sources from my pinterest page HERE)

I must get my game face on! We have much to do! and so little time. oh the crafting!
What fun projects do you have in mind??

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