Wednesday, June 27, 2012

what's in my purse?

I have seen a lot of people do the what's in my purse post and I thought I should get on the bandwagon too. Especially since mine is actually clean right now.
I got this little cutie at the buckle a while ago, I wanted something a little smaller and with not a lot of "bling".

This is what the first pocket looks like inside:

I love the inside lining!
Here's what's in the pocket: wristlet that holds my cash envelopes, checkbooks, pen, and a bottle of ibuprofen. Yep, full size bottle. I don't mess around with those silly travel size.
Three checks, two of my own and one to my parents account. But all with custom covers that my mom and I made.

{my cash envelopes}

Here's the other pocket:

Inside is a small notebook to track food and blood sugar, blood sugar meter, long purse strap, regular glasses case and sunglasses case (thirty-one of course). Usually my planner is in there too, I had taken it out to write down my July schedule for the golf course.

So there it is, my streamlined summer purse. Hopefully it stays this meat and organized.

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