Friday, June 8, 2012

home management binder {finished}

is finished!

Here's what we've accomplished over the last few weeks.

I started with this pretty binder from Target:

and a few other supplies

I created my sections and started putting my papers and dividers into my binder.
I added a title page.

Remember, my title page is from i heart organizing

 Here are two simple covers I whipped up, grab your free copy if you want to use them for your home management binder.

First up is the calendar section. This will be the most frequently referenced section.
This section contains my monthly calendars, weekly schedules, and for this summer, my softball schedule. This section also contains a year calendar that contains my family's birthdays and anniversaries.

my weekly calendars are from iheart organizing and the nest effect. My monthly calendars are from anything but perfect

The next section is contact info. This section contains all the important contact information for the family. This section also includes my personal contact list.

This printable is from i heart organizing's family binder section

These address book pages are from the nest effect 

The third section is home maintenance. This section starts with a home maintenance log from iheart organizing. This will be a great resource for me when I finally get my own home. 

This section also contains my cleaning lists and resources. 
This is the cleaning checklist I made for my household. I made a more generic one to offer to you for free. 
I also snagged a few other cleaning resources from clean mama. One for the kitchen and one for a quick cleaning session.

My next section is vehicles. This section contains a vehicle maintenance log for each of our vehicles. My loan information is still safe and sound {somewhere} at my parents house, so that information will stay there for now. When a new vehicle is purchased, that loan and purchase information will be stored in this section.
This printable is also from iheartorganizing

I had a request to make a vehicle log, so I made one similar to the one offered by iheart organizing.
grab your copy {here}

 The next section in my binder is the finances tab. So far this section contains the most information.   

This printable again is from iheartorganizing. However I have made my own that I am offering to you for free.
Check them out below:

 Check our etsy shop for more custom budget or financial forms.

My next section is school. This section contains all of my school information and would also contain my hypothetical potential future children's school information. But for now it's just my school calendar and other school documents- like my contract, requests for days off, and things like that. 

The final section of my home management binder, for now, is family.  This section is a little empty for now. I am keeping medical and insurance information in this section. As my binder progresses from just me to an actual family, this section will start to contain more information. 

Congratulations, we made a home management binder. Hopefully this tool will help us all to run our households more smoothly. 

If you created a home management binder with us, pleae leave a link to your blog in the comments, we would love to check them out and share them with everyone else!

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