Monday, June 10, 2013

Finishing My Corner cubbies

I'm back to finish up my new cubbies in the corner that I used to replace my desk. After putting it together and popping it into place I started filling it up. Actually first I started sorting out all the stuff that needed to find a new home in each of the cubbies.

I grabbed these cubes at Target in the dollar spot. They were $3 each, which was awesome compared to the $6-12 price tag on all the others!

This little tray made the move from the desk to the new area. I love how it displays all of the cheery colored office supplies.

And here it is all filled up!  I like this soooo much better than that silly glass corner desk. It looks like it actually belongs there and isn't just a desk stuck randomly in the corner of the dining area!

Here's a closer peek at each space, left to right.

I also snagged these clear file boxes at Target for less than $3 each.

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