Thursday, June 6, 2013

Operation Get It Together continues...

Move That Desk!! (clearly that was yelled Ty Pennington style) Next up in my mission to declutter my life, both mentally and physically is the desk area. It's this little disaster in the corner of my kitchen. Awhile ago we basically switched the desk and the dart board. And by we, I mean me. Yep moved that full sized dart board all by myself. But then it left the desk looking all weird in the corner.

So I decided the desk had to go. I don't think I have sat at it more than 5 times to actually use it as a desk. So there was no great loss as far as desk surfaces go. The obvious lack of storage was probably what lead to its demise. 

Which leads us to step 1.
Wait three days for boyfriend to move the desk to the garage. We live in an apartment so its not like just moving it out the door, it has to go quite a ways.

While you are waiting for said boyfriend to move the afore mentioned desk. Go to target and buy a cute little cube-y deal. Bonus points if you score it on sale like I did! Mine is made by Closet Maid, but I don't think the brand really matters for these friends.

Step 3. After the waiting period has passed and desk has been successfully removed, you put that baby together!! More bonus points if you can do it hillbilly style without a hammer! More points for most creative non-hammer tool used.

Then we wait, because here at our little blog we are realists and we don't have time to spend 4 hours creating a wonderful new corner area like we would like to. So this is a multi-day, multi-step process. But I am giddy about it already and I haven't even started filling it up yet!! I'm also glad to finally be doing a "real, hands on" project for Operation: Get It Together!

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