Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Days

Last summer I was out of commission. I was doing chemo until the middle of July and then I was in recovery mode until school started. The summer before is just a blur. I don't remember making the most of any of the summer with my kids. I vow to change that this year.

There are tons of inspiration on Pintrest (which is obviously the first place I check). I went with something like this, but changed it to meet our needs.
I decided to do a weekly "schedule" for us to loosely follow. This way my kids know what to expect for the next week. And I know how to plan for the week. Obviously this won't work every day of every week, but its nice to have an idea of what types of things we want to do every week. This is what our weekly schedule looks like:

Monday: Make something (crafty, food, whatever)
Tuesday: Library Time & check out books, read somewhere new
Wednesday: Wacky Water Wednesday: Go to the pool, water balloon fight, take a shower :)
Thursday: Kid's Cook
Friday: Field Trip (I try to schedule my appointments for Friday, so their field trip is sometimes to the babysitter) (don't judge, they love her)

But Wait! That is not a beautifully printed, laminated, framed and gold leafed schedule.
It is just a work in progress. We can't commit to anything until the week before and sometimes that day. Today we went to Library Time and the pool because tomorrow may not be a good pool day.

If I'm feeling fancy, I will make a beautiful, pinable printable, but for now, its all in my head. :)
Here is my obligatory photo. :) Clockwise: I put a lock on my phone so now all Carter can do is take pictures without me unlocking it, Jayce - isn't he cute?, the kids and Aunt Shan building GeoTrax, and Carter again.
Can anyone pull those teeth for him? Gesh!

Check back next week to see what I am doing to beat the "I'm bored's"...

What are you doing to keep your kids busy this summer? Any tips for making the most of my summer at home with my kids?

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