Monday, June 3, 2013

Beginning of the month planning {summer style}

My school year (sounds like I'm a middle schooler) schedule is quite a bit different than my (glorious) summer schedule. There will be no waking up at times that begin with a 5 uhthankyouverymuch. And hopefully I will not have to work in multiple towns in the same day. Though, I cannot guarantee that won't happen.

So here is a peek at my last week weeks.  The last week of school was a little crazy especially since we were all hanging out at the hospital from Friday afternoon until Tuesday around noon.

The first week out of school is still pretty swamped. Babysitting Niki's kidlets Monday through Thursday plus working a couple days and a work meeting....then off to Des Moines for the weekend for a wedding.

But then finally gaze at this glorious empty week!! (angles sing) I mean really, that baby is empty!! Wa-hoo!!

So here's June's calendar, the one that we share at home. Not much room for details on this one, just events for both of us are listed.

My menu calendar stated back in May and I am trying really hard to stick to it! I think it will be easier being home everyday to make "real meals" ya know, the kind you eat with a fork and not out of a paper bag. That's my goal anyway.

And my weekly cleaning checklist...I'm trying hard to stick to it this summer!

And that's all....woo-hoo!

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